Our teams

Aldonza Abad Nosti

Junior Investment Manager, LFPE SA (Switzerland)

Alexander Hesseling

Director, LFPE SA (Switzerland)

Alexander Kafsky

Managing Director, FLE GmbH (Austria)

Alice Pinta

Business Manager, LFPI Gestion

Andras Raduly

Senior Financial Controller, FLE GmbH (Austria)

Andreas Weinbergmair

Financial Controller, FLE GmbH (Austria)

Angela Schiavone

Asset Manager, LFPI Italia Reim spa

Anna-Maria Schlintner

Executive Assistant, LFPE GmbH (Austria)

Anthony Dalvin

Diversified Manager, Amilton

Bernadett Pauer

Director of Heritage, FLE GmbH (Austria)

Camille ROUX

Head of Investor Relations, LFPI Gestion

Caroline Orsatelli

Junior Analyst, LFPE SA (Switzerland)