The LFPI Group, an independent international multi-asset manager with over € 3 billion in assets under management, has acquired a property in Leipzig on their Specializing in Commercial Real Estate and Hotels subsidiary FLE GmbH. Thus, the existing portfolio of LFPI Groupe has grown in real estate to a total of 49 assets in Germany and Austria. The purchase price and other details of the transaction, the parties have agreed not to disclose.
The acquired in the Leipzig object, also known as the “Atrium”, is a well-preserved office and commercial building at carbon address Gartenstraße 11-13 in 1993. The six-story property with 22 square meters of leasable area has 266 locations, partly in the basement and partly outside. The accommodation includes a gym is housed on 424 floors and a restaurant for employees on the ground floor. The main tenant of the building is a subsidiary of an international company, which operates in the field of telecommunications and web services.
With the currently acquired object represents the first investment in Germany this year, which belongs to the LFPI FLE group their investment activity in Germany is in continued for a short time. Dr Alexander Klafsky, CEO of FLE, explained: “Leipzig is a more attractive real estate market. We continue to see many exciting investment opportunities that are compatible with our strategy – objects in a central location with a proven multi-tenant structure. We are therefore confident to conclude other transactions until the end.