INVESTMENT CAPITAL – Strategic partnership in insurance brokerage between WILINK and LFPI PARIS

Louvain-la-Neuve / Gent, September 23, 2020

LFPI Gestion (hereafter “LFPI") and Altro finance & Insurance (AFI) form a strategic partnership
to develop companies active in insurance brokerage, WILINK Insurance and Elitis Insurance
(hereinafter “WILINK”).

The operation, the terms of which were adopted on July 17, 2020, is being carried out today. The operation allows
entry into LFPI’s capital as majority shareholder, AFI retaining a significant share of
capital. The 2 shareholders are joined by group executives who complete the shareholders.

LFPI ( is one of the leading independent alternative asset managers and multi-strategy
in Europe with nearly five billion euros under management. Private Equity specialist, LFPI has
long experience of investing in SMEs and supporting their managers.

The WILINK group ( is the first Belgian retail insurance broker born from the merger
of 39 offices supported by 130 exclusive sub-agents spread over Belgian territory. WILINK was made
know through its differentiated strategy of One stop financial house allowing it to cover all
customer needs – individuals and SMEs – particularly in property and casualty insurance, life insurance, loans and
financial investments.

Dominique Dejean, director of WILINK, declared “in our insurance brokerage market which
offers many opportunities, we wanted to partner with a solid partner willing to
support us in carrying out our ambitious development project, both internal and
external ”and adds“ the operation was the opportunity to associate company executives with the capital. He
is likely that others will join them soon. "

Olivier Lange, Managing Director of LFPI Gestion, indicates “supported by insurance partners of
foreground, we are convinced that WILINK is ideally positioned to play an active role
in the consolidation movement of the Belgian brokerage market aimed in particular at better responding
customer needs and regulatory changes ”and specifies“ the quality of the project supported by the
management, the group’s ability to finance structuring IT developments, its expertise
cutting edge in several areas could convince independent offices to join
the adventure ”.

WILINK today announced the completion of its first external growth operation under
its new shareholders. Indeed, WILINK takes over the broker Real Life, based in Brussels and specialized
in life insurance and premium savings products for a clientele of self-employed people and chefs

Vincent Biron, Managing Director of Real Life declared “our entry into WILINK is a
huge opportunity for Real Life, its employees and its clients. We will continue to make
services to our customers and will complete our range of services in the future by adding
skills to which WILINK allows us to access.
The new company WILINK will be managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Dominique Dejean,
Managing Director, and a Supervisory Board composed of 5 members (Olivier Lange,
President, Gilles Etrillard, Alice Pinta, Yves Delacollette and Patrice Thys)

About LFPI :
The LFPI group is one of the leading independent and multi-strategy alternative asset managers
in Europe with nearly five billion Euros of assets invested in private equity, debt
private sector, real estate as well as asset management (bonds and equities) in Europe, North America
and in Africa through seven offices and around 100 investment professionals.
The LFPI group recently announced the proposed acquisition of Meeschaert, an asset specialist
management and private management. The operation remains subject to the opinion of the representative bodies of the
personnel and the usual regulatory authorizations of the ACPR and the AMF.
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About WILINK :
WILINK is the first independent Belgian broker present throughout the territory in the 4 businesses:
– “Non-life” insurance (IARD)
– “Life” insurance (health insurance, retirement, provident insurance)
– Credit (mortgage brokerage and borrower insurance)
– Asset Management (life insurance and retirement savings investments)
The group, which achieves nearly 35 million euros in sales, serves nearly 82 customers
individuals and 12 SMEs through a network of 000 agencies and around 15 exclusive sub-agents.
A subsidiary of the WILINK group, Elitis Insurance has the status of mandated underwriter and develops
in particular “wholesale” broker solutions.
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Contact points: and

About Real Life:
Since 1998, Real Life has been an active financial optimization and protection consulting company
with the liberal professions, business leaders and the self-employed. Experience and
Notoriety of Real Life have developed by offering its clients a personalized space for reflection
and multi-disciplinary advice allowing the realization of their projects.

Participants in the operation :

Acquirers :
LFPI Gestion (Olivier Lange, Alice Pinta, Arthur Morisseau)
Management (Dominique Dejean, Patrizio di Panfilo, Vincent Biron, Frédéric Dossin, Thierry Gravet)

Buyer M&A advice :
KPMG (Nicolas-David Kersen)
Legal advice for buyers :
Hogan Lovells: Corporate (Xavier Doumen, Laura Medjoub, Arnaud Deparday, Agathe Faict, Fanny
Perie), Taxation (Ludovic Geneston, Maryll Pizzetta), Funding (Alexander Premont, Sophie Lok)
Lydian (Peter de Ryck, Florence Colpaert, Florence Goffin, Geert de Neef)
Financial due diligence for acquirers:
KPMG (Damien Moron, Benjamin Tarac, Sophie Dervain)
IT due diligence for buyers:
Cloudixio (Mickael Maindron)
Legal due diligence for buyers :
Legal: KPMG (Isabelle Blomme, Patrick Geeraert, Kristof Slootmans)
Tax: KPMG (Kris Lievens)

M&A advice for sellers :
Gimar & Co (Olivier Jolain)
Asia-Euro Consultanct Ltd (HK) (Patrice Thys, Hans Rhodius, Charlotte Hubert)
Yves Delacollette
Legal advice for sellers :
Jones Day (Matthieu Duplat, Aurélie Cautaerts, Julien Sloos, Thomas Flament)
Harvest (Guillaume Beauthier)
Strelia (Dirk Leermakers, Thomas Pouppez)
Tiberghien (Quentin Masure)