LFPI announces today the sale of the INICEA group, one of the leaders in the psychiatric clinic market in France, to Antin Infrastructure Partners.

Founded in 1982 by Gilles Briquet and Dr Alain Perroud, INICEA’s primary vocation is the management of hospitals dedicated to the care of mental pathologies. Acquired in April 2010 in the capital of this regional player, which already has cutting-edge and recognized expertise, in particular in day-hospital care, care for adolescents with severe mental difficulties and the treatment of eating disorders (anorexia , bulimia), LFPI supported the group in its development projects and in particular proceeded in 2013 to take over the psychiatry division of the Korian group, thus allowing the Group to have a national presence, to increase its expertise and to become the leader of independent private psychiatry in France.

Fabien Bismuth, President of LFPI Gestion, declared: “We are delighted to have been able to support Gilles Briquet and his teams in the transformation of a regional player made up of 2 establishments into a national and structured group of 10 establishments, leader in its domain ”. “Antin Infrastructure Partners also seems to us to be an excellent partner to continue to support INICEA and its teams in an effective response to the strong future needs of the psychiatry market and in a new stage of development for the INICEA Group”, moreover, underlines with enthusiasm Cyrille Guyard.

Gilles Briquet, co-founder and President of INICEA, added: “We are delighted to have been able to constitute in a few years a leader in mental health thanks to the work of all the practitioners and collaborators of INICEA and to the support of the LFPI group. Their experience and the group’s resources have enabled us to expand our geographic coverage and services to patients and the mental health community as a whole. We are delighted that Antin Infrastructure Partners has decided to support us as we write a new chapter in the development of our Group ”.

Christine Mariette, Partner of Azulis Capital: “We are proud to have supported LFPI Gestion and Gilles Briquet in this very entrepreneurial adventure which has enabled INICEA to become a leader in the field of mental health”.

Commenting on this transaction, Alain Rauscher, President and Managing Partner of Antin Infrastructure Partners declared: “We are very happy to announce this partnership with INICEA and we are delighted to support the management team in the development of healthcare services. Group. The treatment of psychiatric pathologies is a public health priority, to which strong and specialized actors such as INICEA must respond ”. Angelika Schöchlin, the Partner who led the transaction at Antin Infrastructure Partners, added: “We are proud to bring our expertise in the field of Social Infrastructures to INICEA to contribute to the development of the Group and to the strengthening of its pure position. – benchmark player in a market facing growing needs ”.

The LFPI group is thus part of its tradition of investing in the capital of SMEs on the French and European markets in partnership with management teams to carry out ambitious growth projects.