Responsible investor


LFPI Conscious management of the challenges linked to sustainable development, is committed to a responsible investment policy up to these challenges linked to sustainable development. LFPI Gestion aims to be a player in the transformation and sustainable growth of companies in the portfolios under management. LFPI Gestion thus engages in a process of dialogue with investors and holdings in order to share its objectives.

Open up to best practices

In order to soak up the best standards of responsible investment in the financial sector, to actively participate in their development and to understand the issues, LFPI Gestion takes part in various national and international initiatives to promote all ESG criteria in the Capital Investment, for this purpose:

Empowerment of employees

LFPI Gestion has undertaken to educate and train all of its employees and in particular the directors of investments. To better unite all the stakeholders concerned, since 2012 LFPI Gestion has chosen to have all of our employees adhere to the Responsible Investor Charter. LFPI Gestion has set up regular external and internal communication on subjects related to ESG (news, changes in the regulatory framework, etc.). A CSR manager position under the responsibility of the managers of LFPI Gestion and more particularly of Mr. Olivier Lange has been created to act as a link between the investments and the investment team, in particular in the context of information communication and collection of the data needed to analyze progress made in the ESG field. See the Charter here

Involvement of all participations

Regular reporting dedicated to ESG subjects is made by the management teams during the meetings of the social control bodies to which LFPI Gestion belongs and allowing their objectives and achievements to be monitored. LFPI Gestion thus supports the deployment of their CSR initiatives with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all companies have a CSR progress objective.

LFPI Gestion signed in 2012, the UNPRI (United Nations Principle of Responsible Investment) and obliging themselves to implement an ESG approach within the management company and the companies in the Fund portfolio. Visit the PRI website:

In 2019, LFPI Gestion reinforced this commitment by signing the ICI (International Climate Initiative, formerly IC20) on the fight against climate change. LFPI Gestion actively participates in working groups (GT1: Materiality of the climate issue and GT2: Awareness of Managers and leaders).. View the manifesto signed by LFPI Gestion here.

Within AFG (French Association of Financial Management), LFPI Gestion takes part in the various actions undertaken by the working groups of the AFG ESG commission. Visit the AFG website: