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Real Estate - Presentation

Founded in 2005, Foncière LFPI Europe (FLE), is the real estate branch of the LFPI Group. It manages assets of around € 3 billion with € 2.599 billion AEM, spread over 237 buildings in Europe, occupied by 1 tenants, and € 065 million invested in 289 assets in the USA.

Managed by an experienced team with a local presence in each country, FLE has privileged access to investment opportunities. The teams have in-depth knowledge of the various target markets, as well as a proven ability to generate growth and deliver expected returns.

Supported by a solid financial structure, FLE has prudent financial leverage (less than 40%), with long-term financing.
FLE has a solid base of institutional investors spread across Europe.

Real Estate - Target

The assets are mainly office buildings, well located and multi-tenant, as well as hotel and retail properties.

Their unit size is between 5 and 60 million euros. Particular attention is paid to the strength of tenants. In 2019, the rate of unpaid rents was 0.66%.

FLE acquires individual assets as well as acquiring portfolios. FLE has a long holding policy and knows how to take advantage of cycles to arbitrate certain assets.

Real Estate - Strategy

The LFPI Group's strategy targets “core” to “opportunistic” investments in various asset classes (office buildings, shops, warehouses and hotels), located in well-established markets with a long holding period (average of 7 years ). Our objective is to maintain an annual net rental rate of return of over 6,5%, with great geographic diversification and diluted rental risk.
The LFPI Group is pursuing a strategy of growing the real estate portfolio (+ 19.8% in 2019), the value of which should reach 3 billion euros in 2020. The new objective is to reach 5 billion euros AEM by 2025 .
This growth will be achieved in all of the LFPI Group's current markets, whether through acquisitions of assets in Europe and investment in funds invested in real estate in the United States.

Real Estate - Portfolio

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