Co-Investments – Presentation

Since its creation in 2006, the LFPI Group’s co-investment activity has specialized in the main European countries (excluding France) and small and midcap buyout funds. Its vocation is to join forces with the main management companies operating in their respective countries. The investment strategy includes primary and secondary investments as well as co-investments alongside some of the funds in which the LFPI Group has invested.

The team has invested in more than 70 funds in Europe (in primary and secondary) and made more than 40 direct co-investments (> 500 M € invested). It maintains close relationships with its partners, sitting, in most cases, on supervisory committees as well as on certain fund investment committees, or on the boards of companies in which it has invested.

Co-Investments – Target

The activity is focused on the following areas: German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Southern Europe (Italy, Spain), Benelux and the Nordic countries. On a more ad hoc basis, it can invest in Central Europe and Turkey.

With regard to co-investments, the LFPI Group targets companies that are well established in their domestic market and have international growth prospects, as well as funds with a size of 100 to 500 M € of commitments with the same investment target.

The underlying companies must achieve a turnover which is, in the majority of cases, between 20 and 500 M € with a proven business model and significant market shares.

The LFPI Group has chosen a multisectoral approach but focuses mainly on the agri-food, education, software, business services and health sectors.

Co-Investments – Strategy

The chosen strategy favors small and midcap buy-out funds (majority shareholdings in the capital of SMEs using leverage).

The investment commitments made are, on average, between 5 and 20 M € for each of the funds selected.

With nearly 15 years of experience in Europe and a very international team, the LFPI Group selects the best management teams with which it forges close partnerships in order to promote co-investments and structured financing.

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