Personal Information

  • Bureau Autriche
  • Positon: Siniour Lawyer
  • Practice Area: Family Lawyer, Criminal Defence, Personal Injury
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Address: Nayra Park, 365 B Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 10872
  • Phone: 0800.123.456
  • Email:
  • Fax: 6985231456

Activity field:

  • Reporting
  • budget tracking and tracing
  • cost management and optimization
  • Value enhancement measures and property optimization
  • data administration and analysis
  • controlling of Property Management
  • reletting and lease extension
  • Coordination of new leases and lease renewals
  • Monitoring and optimization of the sub-portfolio
  • Cooperation in real estate transactions


FH Wiener Neustadt, Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management Professional


Junior Real Estate Manager, Frieda Rustler Property Management, 2016-2018 Industrial Clerk, PCI Augsburg GmbH, 2008-2012